Hello Blogosphere.

This blog is going to be a pretty straightforward look at the role of religion in our nation’s politics. I thought long and hard about what perspective I want to write from, whether as an objective observer, or from my personal beliefs about the topic, and after doing some research came to a conclusion. As a Christian, which I define as someone who believes and follows Jesus Christ, I think the way the American church has been interacting with our political system is a shame. We have been misguided in our efforts to Christianize America. I have many observations and opinions for how we as Christians could be doing a better job of interacting in the political realm and will use this blog as my avenue. My goal is not to be controversial, but thought provoking. I don’t want to be bitter or divisive, but forgiving and gracious. If we, and when I say we I mean anyone who calls themselves a Christian, really believe what we say we believe, I think we would be acting much differently towards our nation and all the people who call themselves citizens of it, not in the divisive way we have been acting for the last 25 to 30 years. I am going to analyze events from this point of view and hopefully will spur others to see Christianity in a new light, and spur Christians to think about politics in a new way.