Change The World Where You Are

Ideological.  That is a term thrown at many my age, about to be fresh out of college, wide eyed and ready to see this horribly broken world on the mend.  Now I know that I must still be naive about many things, I do not think it impossible for each of us young and eager students to achieve real change in our world.

For young Christians, we believe we don’t even have to do the changing, we just have to show up and love the people that Jesus tells us to love.

Here is an example from the New York Times.

Jenna Liao, and countless others, are proving that we can change the world if we stop focusing on changing the world.  Let me unpack that.  We, if we change our focus to the people we can help immediately around us, can change the world at large.  The kind of sweeping change we want to see in our broken world will not happen overnight.  It happens one person at a time, one block at a time, one city at a time, and so forth.

It may be ideological and naive to hope that the world will be better in my lifetime, but I do not think it is either to hope and work to seeing the lives in my neighborhood, my city, to be changed.  I hope that I am always praying and showing up to help those in need around me, to change their world, and hopefully all of ours together.


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