Shane Claiborne in Esquire

Esquire's December Cover

Shane Claiborne wrote an article for this months Esquire.  Here is the article and here is what he has to say about it.

I am mostly in agreeance with Clairborne accept for his last statements.  He makes it seem like God will save the whole world simply because He can.  I believe He can, I believe He wants to, but I also believe He will only save the ones who choose to love him, by following His son Jesus.

I hope that the people I know that don’t believe in or follow Jesus will end up in Heaven, but I know that they won’t if they don’t follow end up following Jesus here on earth.  As Claiborne put it, God wants His Kingdom to come to earth, and that means He wants people to follow Him now, today.  If you miss that boat, you miss the Kingdom altogether.

Claiborne does make good points about the Church’s image now.  Again, I think this is because the Church has lost sight of God’s Kingdom and gotten too wrapped up in the empire of this world, in politics, culture, etc.

What do you think of Claiborne’s article?  Isn’t it cool that Esquire asked him to write it?  I think its funny that the more radical our faith is the more people take notice of it.


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