The Church Went Rogue

Rod Dreher wrote up a review of Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue.  In that interview he asserts that conservatives are becoming good at shirking responsibility and acting the victim.  He says, “As has often been noted, in this way of thinking, conservatism can never fail, it can only be failed. Or betrayed. Same with conservatives.”

Then I started thinking, the American Church thinks similarly.  My previous post identifies it.  Instead of looking at how the homosexual community feels about their actions, they continue to claim to be the victim of persecution.  We continue to assert that if our country would only follow our morality, there wouldn’t be any problems.  It isn’t that the Church is failing now, its that the country is failing the Church now.

I am going to say something controversial, I know that I said I would try to avoid it, but its coming out anyway.  Maybe the Church is failing in America and thats our biggest problem.  Maybe we are failing, and instead of looking outward for the solution, we need to get back to what the Church is supposed to be about.

So this quote from Dreher’s blog, insert Church where it says Palin.

How much better this past year would have been spent had Palin(the Church) used it to read and study. It’s this unreflective quality that puts me off Palin(the Church), and you really do see that come out in her book.

Using Palin as an analogy for the Church might be stretching, but I think it fits.  We have had a rough go for sure, but we are dwelling in bitterness that things didn’t and aren’t going the way we want instead of moving forward with what we should do and need to be doing.


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