License For Belief

South Carolina's "I Believe" License PlateAccording to an article on the New York Times Religion and Belief site, a federal judge ruled that South Carolina cannot issue license plates that have a religious image on it.

Some are claiming it is a violation of free speech to allow some specialty license plates, like a save the whales or the environment, but not religious license plates.  I guess that would be true if we were considering religion a political issue, which I don’t think it should be.

The point of seperation of Church and State is to keep religion from being a political issue.  The judge felt that if the state issued license plates with religious affiliation, that it would then be endorsing a religion.  Its easier not to have to endorse a religion than to have to endorse all religions.

As much as we like to call America a Christian nation, it isn’t.  There are dozens of other religions that are equally protected under the constitution and the Church needs to be respectful of the boundaries that our country has set up.  I have said it before and will say it again, none of the boundaries thus far keep anyone from living out their faith.

What do you think?  Is it an infringement on free speech or a correct interpretation of the church and state separation?


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