Fort Hood

The last time I can remember when the purpitrator of a mass tragedy lived and was actual brought to justice was Timothy McVeight after the Oklahoma City bombing.  Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the man who went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, will face charges and the consequences of his actions and it all will play out in front of the American public.

This can be a healing process for the country and more so the families of the victims.  Bringing someone to justice before our eyes, seeing that people do have to pay for wrongs.  I think it is good for justice to be served in that way.

I think we also have a great opportunity here to get a glimpse into why people do things like this.  We can talk with Hasan, see his motivation, his reasoning, his thought process, and understand what exactly it is that pushes people over the edge.

Compassion seems hard to come by after a man killed 13, many of whom were very young, but it is essential.  He will pay for his crime, but we need to also acknowledge that we, after just as many bad days, maybe less or maybe more, are capable of everything he has done.  I do not want to make excuses for him, but only to realize that he is a human, who made a terrible choice, but one that every human is able to make, and getting down to the whys of that choice is going to take compassion and patience, and some gentle understanding.

The tragedy at Fort Hood is sad and sobering.  It reminds us all how precious life is in the violent world we live in.  I hope that those that lost their lives will be remember for spurring us on to compassion and understanding, not hate and vengeance.

My heart goes out to the family of the victims.  I pray for healing from this evil committed against you.


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