Another Bible…

The Poverty and Justice BibleAn article in the Christian Post today said that American Bible Society is releasing The Poverty and Justice Bible, which will highlight verses that speak about poverty in justice in the bible.

We can add this to the list of other Bibles, like the Green Bible, or the new conservative Bible, that are making the Bible more about issues and less about being the source of truth.

As I said in my earlier post about the conservative Bible:

The Bible is not a tool for political purposes.  It should not be used to preach ideology or to advance a political agenda.  It should be used to teach people how to obey the Lord and to grow in faith and right living.

I mean what is going to be next?  Are advocates of war going to highlight all the passages that speak of war?  Are advocates of peace going to highlight all the peace passages?  Can we not just look at the Bible as a whole and see that there is a theme God redeeming His people, and of His desire for his people to love Him and then to love those around them?

The Bible is the Bible…and we can highlight the things we want highlighted, but it doesn’t change the message.


3 thoughts on “Another Bible…

  1. I don’t think the ABS has any agenda to push with this Bible. To me, it does exactly what you said Bibles should do: “teach people how to obey the Lord and to grow in faith and right living.” All that Bible does is point readers to passages where God outlined that it’s the church’s responsibilitiy to take care of those in need. To obey the truth of Scripture is to defend those who have nothing but inquity. A Bible that highlights those verses just better helps readers like me know exactly what God expects from me and how to love those around me more completely.

    • I admit have not read or looked over this Bible, so please keep that and mind. And please don’t get me wrong. I think pointing people to those passages is great. I am saying that highlighting passages that one finds important is dangerous. You see it all the time, versus taken out of context can be used to justify terrible things. I believe that the Lord has a heart for the poor and oppressed, and I think it is great to try and relate that heart, but I think we need to be careful how we do that.

      I agree that it is the church’s responsibility to take care of those in need. I don’t think there is bad intent on the part of ABS. I think that it is just a slippery slope. I don’t want to make the Bible something less than it is. I don’t want other people making the Bible something less than it is and pointing to people who had good intentions as an example. I don’t want people to get this Bible and think they have the Bible cliff notes. There is so much more in there.

      I can admit that I could be a hundred percent wrong and just over cautious. I really appreciate your post, and encourage you to keep reading and helping me have an opinion about the church and politics that is not my own, but the Lord’s. Thank You.

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