Walk The Walk

Rev. Billy GrahamAgain, another blogger more eloquently makes a point I have made here.  S. Michael Craven blog on The Christian Post about the importance of the American Church living out what we call so important.

His example, Rev. Billy Graham and Senator John Ensign (R-NV).  Graham famously told his aids never to leave him alone in a room with a woman who is not his wife.  Ensign, a so called family values conservative,  is in the midst of a scandal involving an extramarital affair.  Craven argues that the difference is that Graham knew his own weakness and humbly asked for help to do what he claims is important, stay faithful to his wife.

The moral high ground the church claims to represent, if really important, would be followed in humility, not loud cries and judgement.  Graham is a great example of that.  He basically admitted that he didn’t trust himself in a room with a woman that isn’t his wife.  He knows he is weak and that it only takes one bad decision to ruin a lifetime of ministry.

The Church, including myself in this, we need to follow Graham’s lead.  Let’s stop pointing out the weaknesses in our society and turn the focus inward and admit our own.  It won’t be easy, but as Craven said:

“The Christian community exists in Christ for the sake of the world, and when this common life together (a corporate life in which we seek the spiritual growth and restoration of the whole community) is not seen, both the church and the world suffer.”

Lets get down to the business of living out our faith.


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