Religious Disobedience

Michael Kessler’s post on the Washington Post’s On Faith blog about just law and religion is very though provoking and worth reading.

He talks about John Brown, who led and 1859 raid on a U.S. armory in Harper’s Ferry, Virginia, in order to forcible release slaves and lead them out of captivity.  He was so strongly against slavery he was willing to be a criminal to stop it.

Kessler then draws a parallel between Brown and pro-life proponents today, asking if we should really make Brown a hero, and if breaking the civil law in accordance with a higher law is actually right.

Interesting thoughts.

I think one thing to think about with abortion is that most people who are violently pro-life are not doing things to show that they would even help the mothers or their unborn children if abortion was abolished.  Brown was leading slaves into Canada once he freed them, not just letting them go off the property and hoping they found their way.

Maybe we need to look into what exactly the higher moral law is before we break any civil law to follow it.


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