Productive Arguements

Bruce Beattie CartoonThe New York Times God in Government blog posted about Randall Terry’s new video campaign.  The anti-abortion activist has started a “Burn in Hell” campaign, urging participants to burn the effigies of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Terry says it is not representative of a threat on Pelosi or Reid’s bodies, but a threat to their soul.

OK.  How in the world can this guy think that this campaign is going to in any way advance a pro-life stance.  I mean isn’t ironic that the man is pro-life but he wants to burn the effigies of people?  It makes no sense.

The first person I listen to in a debate is the man standing outside lighting dolls on fire…right?  “Oh, he must know something I don’t.”

And, as someone who is pro-life, it is embarrassing to have him be the current face of the movement.  How about we stop condemning people and start actually trying to solve this polarizing problem in our country.


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