Healthcare From My Point of View

I was very busy last week studying for a midterm, and have been playing catch up this week, including catching up on all the current events.  The majority of media coverage is about the healthcare overhaul.  As this does not traditionally fall under religion and politics, I feel like I can still analyze this debate from that point of view…so I will.

I think it is our government’s job to level the playing field.  I think this gets confused in a lot of ways.  I feel like when people say they want equal opportunity, they expect that those equal opportunities will create equal results, but that is not, and will never be the case.  Opportunities do not promise results, as I have observed of my friends from high school who have had every opportunity I have had and yet the results have been staggered.

I do think that it should be the governments desire to level the starting line as best as they can.  That, in my opinion, should be their goal in legislation.  So when talking about healthcare, I have that perspective.

Do I think there is a certain perspective the church as a whole should have on healthcare.  Not really.  As long as we are caring about sick people, there are lots of solutions to helping them.  But this debate has gotten lost.  Its not about the people who need help anymore, but about political posturing and money.

Do I think that healthcare should be government run?  I don’t know.  Its worked several places, and it hasn’t others.  But I feel like if this debate was more focused on the people we are trying to help instead of the political ramifications of any overhaul, our country would be better off.

Maybe the churches role in the debate is to put a human face on healthcare.  What if that was the churches role in government always?  We are here to make sure that people aren’t lost on the politics.  That hasn’t been our role.  I would like to see us rise to the occasion.

What is your take on healthcare, or government in general lately?


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