Its a slow news day, but while reading The Caucus, the New York Times political blog, I stumbled upon this entry about Sen. Arlene Specter of Pennslyvania.

Is anyone else tired of gay marriage being a political issue that people use to rally their bases?  A group of people feel legitimately discriminated against and all Washington can do is use that to get votes.

Not to mention the Church using it to scare people into voting for a republican.

The L.G.B.T. community is still going to exist whether or not they are allowed to marry.  And see, everything is fine, our country is still OK.

Marriage is about faith and love, not politics.  No one is making anyone marry someone they don’t want to.  What good is it to stand in the way of people who are in a committed relationship with each other and want to marry?

Why do we care about what people do so much instead of the people themselves?

Everyone in this country does not believe the same thing, so while some believe in Jesus, and his teachings about marriage, others do not.  This is diversity, and freedom of religion.  The fight about homosexuality in the church, that is more understandable.  Obviously is someone is claiming to believe the same thing you believe but living contrary to that belief, there is a problem there.  Fighting with people who do not believe the same thing as you do, trying to get them to by restricting them, I don’t see that working out.

Also I think it is almost laughable that the church considers itself an authority on marriage when we have a divorce rate that matches the national divorce rate of between 40% and 50%.

Maybe when 100% of marriages in the church work out we can start telling people how its done.


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