The Church and Healthcare

Medical SymbolThe Washington Post’s On Faith website had a great post about what is going on with Cath0lic Bishops and Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy (D-R.I.) about healthcare.  The Bishops won’t support a healthcare bill that covers abortion, and Kennedy is claiming that the Bishops are being hypocritical.  The post outlines how the Bishops’ position is anything but.

While reading the article though, I was reminded of my vision for healthcare.  Remember the days when the church acted as the church should?  Wait, what is that even supposed to look like?

Well, what did Jesus do in his ministry?  He fed the hungry, healed the sick and lame, loved anyone he encountered.  Then he told his disciples to do likewise.

When the church started, as chronicled in the book of acts, they took care of widows and sick people and those who couldn’t take care of themselves.  What happened to that?  Now the church seems to only take care of its own, and does a terrible job at that even.

You don’t have to drive far in the Bible Belt to see a huge church building with a cross on a steeple.  What goes on in those buildings?  Giant churches are no new thing.  I traveled Europe two summers ago and have no lack of pictures of great cathedrals.  Where does all this money come from?  What if it was spent on something else?

What if the Bishops of the Catholic church, realizing that the governments healthcare plan is insufficient, made their own plan.  They have the organization, maybe not the money, but they could find some, especially if they partnered with other denominations.  No strings attached to the plan, all you need to do if you need health coverage, come to your local church, get fixed right up, you might have to make some friends in the process, but nothing pushed on you but wellness.

Wouldn’t that be revolutionary?  The church actually doing something for the sick again besides just visiting its members in the hospital, but helping the sick in the community who can not help themselves.

Its crazy.  It could never work, right?


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