A Symbol Is Only A Symbol

Historic Mojave Desert Cross Honoring War Dead

I read an Op-Ed on nytimes.com today that really made me see another side to the whole church and state debate.

The author, who as far as I can tell is anonymous, is analyzing a court case that is on the docket of the Supreme Court this term about a cross as a memorial on federal land.  Now as a Christian and someone who grew up in the United States, I see crosses for memorials all the time.  It doesn’t bother me at all.  But I wonder if the Church gets so upset about crosses bothering other people because we lack empathy.

What do I mean by that?  We don’t like being told we can’t pray in schools, or hold up Bible versus on signs, or put crosses where we want to, or have the ten commandments in capitols, because those things mean something to us, and they don’t bother us when we see them.  We are not the only tax payers in this nation, and some of those symbols, if not all of them, are bothersome to other people who pay taxes and live under the same liberties as we do.

This post is going to echo one a did earlier this week, but I think its important.  We should realize that the symbols are not what is important.  It is important that we have the liberty in this country to live out our faith.  We have amazing freedom to do that.  As long as we can do that, it should not matter that we can not use a cross to memorialize something on public land, or have the ten commandments in a government building, or hold up signs at public school games.

Our faith is not one of symbols, but about lives being transformed by the gospel.


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