Hate is hate…right?

Racism. Are we, as a country, past it? Are we suffering from a resurgence of it? Is it affecting the healthcare debate, or Obama’s presidency? All of these are questions that people have been asking the last week or so.

The racist protests against our president have been terrible. The accusations of racism against people who have disagreed with the president on policy matters have been equally terrible. The hate in our politics over the past 10 to 15 years has also been intolerable.

Racism is hurtful and wrong. Any hate is hurtful and wrong. There has been a lot of hate in our political discourse as of late, and it bothers me that we seem to rank it in order of what is worse.

Hate is hate. Whatever category you want to put it in, hate is still hate. There is enough hate going around that we can point a finger at everyone, conservative or liberal, every group is guilty of it. What if we stopped pointing fingers, which can only add to the bitterness, and started moving forward with grace?

People are going to be hateful, but the more attention we give them, the more divisive they can be. Let’s give attention to the people moving past the hate. I know that isn’t as fun to talk about like crazy people shouting racist remarks, or people making maliciously false accusations, but it sure would help calm the storm brewing across the country.

President Obama seems to be trying to rise above it by giving no attention to the racism or accusations of it that have been making the headlines this last week. I applaud his efforts and hope that many of us can follow his lead and try to be above the hate that seems to be growing up across our country.


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