The Coming Evangelical Collapse?

Michael Spencer, who you can read in depth about here, is a very popular Christian blogger. He wrote a blog this summer that the Christian Science Monitor picked up and used as an article called The Coming Evangelical Collapse. It is a very interesting look at where the evangelical community may be headed in the near future.

I want to focus on one part of the article. The first reason for the collapse of evangelicalism is that the American Evangelical Church has identified itself with the culture war and with political conservatism. Because of this identification, he says that evangelicals will been seen as a road block to cultural progress.

I agree with Spencer on this point. The American Church, especially evangelicals, have been really good at standing up against a lot. We have built a tower of morality and sit up in it as if the secular community has us besieged and we are fighting for our lives. We fight against gay marriage, against abortion, and other “liberal” policies that threaten the security of our fortified positions.Is this how Americans view Christians?

What if we, as the church, were for things?

I believe we are supposed to be. The Bible says that followers of Christ should be for justice and peace for everyone. We should be bringing those things about through love for all people. That is not the church I see in America. No wonder we are seen as an obstacle to progress. Not because of our “morality” but because we aren’t for anyone but ourselves, in our tower, alone.

What if instead of protesting abortion we were out helping young girls who get pregnant see that they have a decision, regardless of whether they choose to have the baby, loving them through it all?


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